I am an independent distributor for AdvoCare products. If you’ve not heard of AdvoCare before, you need to get with me. … and I mean soon.  They offer amazing products, but more than that – they offer a way for you to help others and earn income at the same time. how cool is that? you get to make some $ while helping others.

Zig Z said that if you help enough people in life get what they want that you will in turn get what you want (paraphrased)


AdvoCare is the only direct sales company to sponsor a post season bowl game in college football. They sponsor the V100 Independence Bowl in Shreveport Louisiana.

And now.. They are about to be the only one to sponsor a NASCAR series. The AdvoCare 500 will be in Atlanta this Labor Day Weekend – 2011. Look for more details.


If you just want to see what all the fuss is about, I’ll send you a sample so you can see for yourself.

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